A barebones threadpool that I will use in a future project.

This week I had some spare time so I decided to make a simple threadpool since I will probably need one anyways in a little framework I will write for on top of SDL or SFML to try my hands onto network programming. I will probably also use Protocol Buffers as a Serializer/Deserializer, but that's for the near future let's go back to the present and tell you a bit more about the threadpool.

Most of my threadpool is based on a stackoverflow post https://stackoverflow.com/a/32593825, but I added a way to destroy the threadpool and changed the std::function to my own delegate struct so I can pass arguments and return values through one or more promise objects.

There's nothing more to say really, except for have a look at it I've put it on GitHub and here's a link to it: https://github.com/FriedelVerpoort/simpleThreadpool . Threadpool itself is the Threadpool-class files.

Till Next Time.